Thursday, July 27, 2006

Beware of the Stuffed Potatoes

Oh my, yesterday, Porkchop and I invited Soozi over for dinner, and I wanted to have samosas for appetizers. Not homemade samosas, we didn't have that much time. Just some good ol' frozen samosas. So, off we went to Jay International Foods (JIF); who, unfortunately, failed us. We did, however, settle on some veggie stuffed potatoes.

Ever smelled horse-piss-soaked hay? That's kind of what the potato things smelled like when cooked. And they tasted just as disgusting. Ugh, shudder.

We were able to make a comeback with the main dish: Chicken Curry with Cashews. Yum! I always mean to add raisins when I make this dish, and I always forget...maybe next time. This recipe could be converted easily to vegetarian by substituting tofu and/or whatever veggies you want for the chicken (I think you would also need to add veggie broth, since the chicken releases its own juices as it cooks).

At JIF, we finally purchased a jar of curry powder that should hold us for a few months. Those little spice containers just don't cut it. I also picked up some Chinese tea cakes; the ingredient list is illegible, but I'm pretty sure it's a yellow mung bean pastry. Next time I go to JIF, I'm going to pick up some of the purple yam pastries....because that just sounds crazy. The other crazy thing is that most of the pastries are made at Betty's Cake Center....I just don't expect yellow mung bean pastries to come from an establishment with that name. Betty's Cake Center makes me think of a 70-year-old white woman cooking devil's food cake.

I've also found another Asian grocery to try for red bean ice cream: Central Trading Company (on Olive near 170). Ever been there?

After dinner, Porkchop, Soozi, and I went to Van Goghz for yummy drinks. I had the Dutch Chocolate Latté and Pineapple Upside Cake - both very enjoyable. Going for drinks was part of celebrating Soozi's new job! Yay for getting to use your skills and degree, and for being compensated well for them!

Speaking of Jobs
I'm so freaking bored at mine. I think my brain is shrinking here.

Something to Look Forward
Porkchop and I are dining at Niche tonight. Afterwards, we're going to catch Soozi's softball game at Carondelet Park. Yay!


Porkchop said...

Yeah, those Stuffed Potatoes were nasty. I'm so sorry I suggested that we buy them... but then again, you seemed so sad that there were no frozen samosas to be found.

Hooray for Niche! I love days off.

Carrie said...

That's okay. You had know way of knowing...the pictures looked fine.

And I was so sad about no samosas.

Maybe they lost them during the power outage.

s00zi said...

Stuffed Potatoes aside, everything was wonderful. Thanks, again, for a fabulous dinner.

Also, I will call after work to give directions.
The game is technically at 730 but we get there between 7 and 715.

Anonymous said...

that dinner sounds delicious! i would use it with tofu and veggie broth though. i heart cashews. i am glad we got to gmail im today. yay for technology today! call us if you can come up my sweet.