Wednesday, July 05, 2006

My CoMo Visit

Yesterday morning, I excitedly set out for Columbia to visit K&B and J. The visit started off well with an excellent brunch/lunch. K&B made their always-delicious breakfast potatoes and an egg scramble with avocado, red bell pepper, tomatoes, and goat cheese. Additionally, we juiced beets, carrots, oranges, and ginger - my favorite juice combination! Yay!

K&B also gave me a very lovely necklace (from Poppy) that is the perfect length for v- and slit-neck shirts. I'll have to get my act together and post a picture of it.

The afternoon was full of futon-shopping; admiring K's new (and first) tat; listening to K's report of the NWSA conference; visiting BP (who has things posted on Etsy; see the No She Didn't link of the side bar); enjoying a fudge brownie concrete from Shakey's, er, Shake's (K was brilliant enough to ask them for extra fudge brownie, so I was happy); having arts & crafts time, for which J joined us; and talking. Before I left, we had another excellent meal. B loves the potato, and she knows her to make a mean garlic mashed potato....mmmmmm. We also had corn on the cob, grilled seitan, and a lettuce and tomato salad with goat cheese.

Sigh, I didn't want to leave so soon, but I had to get back to STL. It was a great little visit...the only thing lacking was more cuddle time!

Although K&B move to Chicago soon, I'm glad to be closer to Columbia. I definitely look forward to visiting J again and these other places:

Main Squeeze. Best vegetarian place I've ever been to.
Ragtag Cinema. The indie movies, the hipsters, the memories.
Uprise Bakery (no website). Yummy potato knishes, sandwiches, soups, and baked items.

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