Monday, July 03, 2006

I Hope that was the Third One

Folks say bad things come in threes, right? With me, it's usually just a slew of bad things with indiscriminate numbering. This time, I hope the three rule, well, rules.

The First One
Between applying to a job and working on one of my school papers (I have two papers with extensions), I decided to finish knitting my hat. Things went smoothly, except for the POORLY WRITTEN INSTRUCTIONS!


This isn't the first time I've had problems with a pattern in Modular Knits. Ha! I feel justified now - if you follow the link I put in to Amazon, you'll see that another knitter commented on the errata found in every pattern. That is unacceptable!!

And I thought the author was just on crack.

Errata aside, when a knitter has two stitch holders going, is knitting short rows, and has placeholders coming out her eyes, you can't write something like, "Knit until there are 10 stitches." 10 stitches where?? In your ass? Because that's where I wanted to shove the stupid hat!

I could write better instructions with my pinky toe.

Ah well, I finished said hat, and the top looks alright. I don't have 6 equilateral triangles, but I do have a nice swirly triangle thing going on.

I did not, however, get to start on finishing my school paper.

The Second One
It's climbing to nearly 100 degrees, and our central air is on the fritz. I noticed the rising temperature last night, when I couldn't cool off before going to bed. Porkchop suggested I was just feverish from ovulating. Maybe I ovulated, maybe I didn't, but I do know it was 85 inside this morning.

Today was the first day I was glad to go to work, where I usually shiver in a sweater.

Our landlord has received a phone call.

The Third One
I got into my car this morning and found the contents of my armrest - some old bags of toll change (now just dirty pennies left), an air pressure gauge, and a travel clock - scattered about on the passenger side seat.

Someone had been in my car.

Nothing was taken. Luckily, they apparently didn't want the Hawaiian music CD that my mom insisted on burning for me. Nor did they want the grocery bag of trash that was in the back seat.

I always lock my car with my remote so that the security alarm is enabled. Maybe I was in a hurry and didn't check to make sure that it actually locked.

It still makes me feel a bit creeped out. I'll definitely park in our garage from now on. The garage just isn't as convenient as the street because you have to drive through the alley and hope no one is coming from the opposite direction.

At least no one threw up in my car or broke anything. Among other break-ins that our friend S experienced in Madison, a guy once broke in to sleep in her car. He left behind a fair amount of vomit.

Some Good Things
Our landlord will try his best to fix the central air today. He's at least putting in a window unit in the bedroom.

I'm going to visit K&B and J tomorrow in Columbia (if the air isn't fixed tonight, I might move my departure time up). J and I caught up in an hour-long phone call Saturday night. Afterwards, I realized that we've been friends for nearly 9 years. Crazy!

A woman here at work just gave me an official company-logoed polo shirt. You see, regular employees here get to spend $100/year on logoed gear. When this employee found out that I'm just a temp and don't get that option, she offered me something from the clothing order that she was placing. I politely refused, saying things like, "Oh no, I couldn't" (when I was really thinking, "I would rather wear a trash bag than a logoed item"). But she still decided to give me one. I appreciate the gesture. Even though I didn't really want a logoed shirt, it's a nice thought.

On that note, I'm trying to maintain a positive outlook on the day. I mean, come one, half of the employees are gone, it's nice and cool here, and I have a logoed polo shirt that I could slip on. How could things get any better?


Anonymous said...

See you tomorrow! We have a birthday present for you!!!


Carrie said...

Yay! Presents!


getinmymouthstuff said...

Carrie. I'm working very hard to get my own logo shirt here in Wisconsin and am highly jealous of your serendipitous experience.

Ode to a logoed shirt
Oh, the cotton/poly blend! Mostly poly. And woven thickly for added discomfort.
Oh, the scratchy embroidery nagging at my upper breast!
Oh, the extra one dollar surcharge added by the staff committee who orders them!
To belong. To belong.