Friday, July 14, 2006

"Rose, I'm Feeling Older..."

Reason for the title...I can't get the new Camera Obscura songs out of my head!! Why must the catchy tunes haunt me so??

A mish-mash of songs kept floating through my head Wednesday night as I tried to get lots of rest for Thursday, which I knew would be super-long. Yesterday started with me arriving at work a little after 7:30 (well, I guess it actually started with me finally falling asleep at 2 am), and it didn't stop until after 11:00 last night.

There were fifty million meetings here yesterday, so I was dealing with technical difficulties and catering mix-ups the whole day. One meeting went without any snags. One. The systems here are only 5 or 6 years old; one would think things could last a little longer.

Other issues arose at work, too, but who wants to hear about such boring things? Unfortunately, boring is all I've got to report.

After the workday that wouldn't end, I went home for a half hour nap and dinner, and then I was off to my Intro to HTML class. Although I know various tags and stuff like that, I don't know how to do fancy things, or how it all really works. I know more now, and I think the pace of the class will step up in our next (and last) session. The class is the first step towards earning my web page design certificate through UMSL. Yay, coding is fun!

After class, Porkchop and I went to Mokabe's for ice cream snacks. I could have gone to bed right away, but I needed some time to unwind a bit. After devouring a Dad's oatmeal cookie shake/concrete thing and talking to Porkchop, I finally turned in.

This morning, I felt delightful with my nearly 7 hours of sleep, but the executive assistant just told me that I looked "crushed." Thanks. I didn't feel that bad, but now I do.

Porkchop and I leave for Chicago early Saturday morning. Yay, Gay Games!

I recently found out that an old acquaintance is playing flag football for the Utah team. Don't know if we'll get to see her. I'm only staying until Tuesday, then I catch a ride back to STL with one of Porkchop's park buddies. And then, then I get to drive the Porkchop-mobile around town for a few days. So, if you see someone sweating profusely while driving a green convertible with cardboard for a back window, that's me.

Have a nice Friday!

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