Wednesday, July 26, 2006

More Good Things

Last night, I received my previously mentioned haircut. It's shorter than it's been in a while (yes, I know most of you wouldn't be able to discern the difference in my hair length, but I am quite attuned to it), and I like it. It's a joy to not feel hair on my forehead (or anywhere else on my head, really).

In case you can't tell, I'm not a big fan of hair...not because I've been brainwashed by the patriarchy to believe that the prepubescent hairlessness of females is preferable, but because dead cell matter hanging from my head grosses me out. It's fine on others....I just don't want it on me.

After the cutting of the hair, Soozi and I met at Café Natasha for Persian cuisine. The food was more than acceptable (especially the falafel and pistachio-saffron-rose-water ice cream), but the service was horrendous. We were out in plain sight, but our server was doubling as bartender and apparently couldn't handle both tasks.

At the end of the meal, after waiting +15 minutes for a sign of recognition, we practically had to lasso a server with our lariats before someone realized that we were done.

The best part of the meal: Soozi surprised me with 2 tickets to the Ditty Bops concert! YayYayYay!!! I'm so excited to have an event to attend.

After dinner and more apartment-straightening (it was really messy because of the power outage....who wants to clean a hot apartment?), I did yoga. It felt good.

Porkchop is off today and tomorrow....super-yay!!! Even though I can't enjoy the days with her, at least we'll have more time to hang out in the evening.

Did you notice how I was able to make the é in Café? Dude, Intro to HTML is totally paying off.

Afternoon Update
You know you're dissatisfied with your current responsibilities when you get excited by helping someone fix some Word files. I just explained how to insert regular width pages into the middle of a columnar document while maintaining necessary formatting of both sections, and I loved it. And, to boot, I got to lecture about the dangers of sending out documents to customers in which track changes/comments have been used extensively.

I did, however, resist the urge to correct the scientist's period spacing. It drives me nutty to see someone use two spaces after a period. Yep, that's what happens when you've been a technical writer for a while.

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