Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Good for a Chuckle

The longer you have a blog, the more people find you through weird searches. My recent favorites:
  • cavity filling numbness

  • cat eating ribbon

  • Trader Joe's Irish Breakfast Tea

  • group interviews at H&M (Note: I have no idea why this pulled up my blog)

  • Luna bars Shop-n-Save (From St. Louis, no less)

  • is doing yoga at night good (Is it ever bad??)

  • numb in right foot for 3 days ( might consider visiting a doctor...just a thought.)

And then, there are the bug searches. This must be high bug time for everyone. We've got:
  • house centipede st. louis (I feel you, buddy!)

  • new bedroom centipede like bug but not a house centipede (Sounds scary!)

  • bugs in basement, basement bugs, and other variations

  • bugs, house, bathtub

What, am I the only person who writes about house centipedes and other such bugs?


Anonymous said...

Point those bug haters to:
really good stuff!


That's a 7-letter Deborah, never a Deb said...

how do you figure out how people are finding you?

Carrie said...

Good question!

I use a stat counter - invisible, so you don't actually see the counter on my page (yeah, I'm sneaky like that) - from The website generates the code that you insert into your blogger template. And, the basic level is free.

As long as people have their cookies enabled, I can track visits. Yeah, creepy, eh?

Carrie said...

Wait, I just went to your blog. You have a, you just have to look at the By Referral page.

For Google searches, it will read something like, and then the search terms. For example, on your Site Meter page, I see an entry on your last page that was a search on "seth magosky."

So, you just have to look for the Google or Mozilla or whatever searches and piece together the search term.