Thursday, July 19, 2007

This is the Best Costume for Today

While doing my little grand-eyelet-on-the-bias experiment yesterday, I realized that it results in straight up-and-down and across rows and columns.

Not what I wanted.

I'm now sticking with the regular version and am pleased with it. Easy and plain, but what I want. Maybe I'll dress it up with some fringe (gasp!).

Food Last Night, or Why Porkchop Should Love Me
I caved in to Porkchop's request for Buffalo Wild Wings last night. There is no need for explanation as to why I don't enjoy visiting that franchise.

On the way back home, we listened to the end of the Cardinals game. We were turning into our street when it was officially announced that the Cards won. I did a YES motion with my arms (to humor Porkchop), and then we high-fived. The car might have stopped during this commotion. At the same, a woman was exiting her parked car. She watched us and had a bemused - maybe bewildered - expression on her face. We saw this and then started laughing so much.

Documentary Last Night
Recently, I've read a few references to Grey Gardens, so I picked it up from the library. I excitedly started watching it last night, but I couldn't make it all the way through. Big Edie and Little Edie quickly annoyed me with their yelling and bickering.

I quite enjoyed the interview with Todd Oldham, however, so I think I can best enjoy GG when viewed in clips. Anyway, I think I absorbed enough of the oddities and Little Edie's fashion sense to catch on to any future references that I see.


Porkchop said...

How can you possibly complain about a franchise that has sporting events playing on flat screens mounted above the urinals in the bathrooms?

Carrie said...

Very easily, that's how!