Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Another Big Sigh

Sunday evening, Porkchop and I looked at the Perfect House:
  • Great location on Hartford. Three and a half blocks east of Grand, so close to everything we need.
  • Two story solid brick.
  • Perfect size and layout.
  • Wood floors.
  • Big closets.
  • Best backyard ever with raised beds and room for chickens.
  • Two car garage.
  • And...could be had within our price range.

On Monday, I called around to get new pre-approval letters, and I set up a time to meet with our realtor today to draw up an offer.

Last night, our realtor called to let us know that the seller had received an offer on Monday.

This morning, our realtor called to let us know that the house is now under contract.

I am unbelievably sad.

All the other houses in our price range are stupid and shit and in bad locations.

Right now, I hate everything.

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AlePlattner said...

:-( sorry to hear that. nfortunately that's the process of looking for a house. There are a bunch for sale on mine and Sarah's street, but I'm not sure if that's a location you are interested in. Good luck and hope to see you later today at Companion.