Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My Second Share

This is my second share, which is quite abundant. To me, anyway. I'm still finishing up stuff from my first share!

We have bread, lettuce, apple butter, an herb bouquet, more black beans, wheat tortillas, eggs, 1 lb of grass fed beef, popcorn (it was coffee, but I traded it), white cheddar, meat sauce from Maria & Sons, and two dried chipotle peppers.

I hope my share partner Deborah of Ephemeral Chaos has similar luck next week!

Here's my plan for the beef...use half of it to make a beef and black bean chili-type thing (as Rebekah suggested) and then freeze the other half for burgers (as Deborah suggested). Porkchop might like a burger when she returns next week! Alternatively, we can have tacos or burritos so that she does not become homesick for Albuquerque cuisine.

After picking up this huge share, I ended up having a salad and leftover pizza tonight! I didn't want the pizza to go to waste, and I jazzed it up with stuff from my share. For the piece of cheese pizza, I added black beans from my first pick-up. For the piece of tomato-mushroom pizza, I added basil from the herb bouquet.

For lunch tomorrow, I will have 1) a salad using the lettuce and an apple that I already have and 2) a sandwich using the bread, cheese, and apple butter.

The apple butter won't last long. It's from Centennial Farms in Augusta and is a total revelation.

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