Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Sometimes you might be on the verge of tears and call someone so that you can yell and swear about all sorts of minor injustices which might be magnified because your body is about to slough off your uterine lining.

And, instead of telling you to suck it up, that person might send you your favorite flowers.

[Thanks, Porkchop!]

And then later you might have a bacon-lettuce-tomato-avocado sandwich and potato chips and a pickle and a cherry Italian soda, followed by an hour and a half of nothing but fiddling, and you realize that the world is okay (until you read about the 3 shootings in 1 day that killed 5 people in North St. Louis - seriously, that is crazy shit).

Also, sometimes Keetah might like to pick out her own toys.

I love that she has finally discovered the cat toy basket.

ONE MORE DAY! (and part of another one, but who's counting?)


Amy in StL said...

I think that's when you know someone really cares. When you're just having a hormonal meltdown about stupid (relatively) stuff and they don't poo-poo you. Instead, they try to make it better.

And I wish I played something as portable as a fiddle. A piano is much harder to lug around! :)

cj said...

Keetah is the smartest! And the best!

And so is Carrie! And Porkchop!