Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Blues

Today reminds me of this installment of Making Fiends.

"Vote vote vote. Vote vote vote. Unless you are a doughnut, cause doughnuts don't vote."

Only, the lyrics should instead read, "...Unless you are Carrie, cause Carrie didn't make the voter registration deadline."

Seriously! I totally didn't realize that Missouri had a voter registration deadline until it was too late. You see, in Wisconsin, you could register at the polling place the day of the election. And when I moved to Iowa, I registered right after moving because I had time to do things like that.

So, if Jim Talent remains a senator, you can blame me! The minimum wage remains a meager $5 something an hour, blame me! Amendment 2 voted down, blame me!

I'm the premade scapegoat.

On a more somber note, I am very disappointed about this. This election has so much stuff in it, I really wanted to vote.


P.S. I also really enjoyed today's Get Fuzzy. I love Satchel and his Green Party ways.


Porkchop said...

VOTE VOTE VOTE. VOTE VOTE VOTE. Unless you are a potted plant, 'cause potted plants don't vote.

YAYAYAYAY!!! I love that one. I'm sorry you didn't register to vote in time for this election. Oh well... I guess you've got a few more years to get that off your list of things to do.

When I was at my parents I got to take an automated phone survey from the Ohio Republican party. I was able to outweasel the survey until it got to a tricky question that basically implied that Claire McCaskill supported terrorists. Then it told me that I should vote for Jim Talent.

I hate him. If he wins I will blame you. (Oh wait... I'm not voting either.)

getinmymouthstuff said...

Unless you are a donut. Or doughnut.


Carrie said...


Donut is a variant of doughnut. I refuse to use variants.

I might eat a doughnut, but I will definitely not eat a donut.

getinmymouthstuff said...

but if you are a doughnut do you vote? 'cause doughnuts don't vote.

But maybe donuts do?