Thursday, November 30, 2006

Smooth Operator

My train conductor this morning had such a nice voice, and he knew it. When most conductors approach the Forest Park stop, they say something like, "Transfer to Lambert Airport at Forest Park." Not this guy....he said something like, "Any passengers wishing to continue their travels to Laaaammmmbert Aiiirport should disembark the train at Forrrrest Paaark. Simply step onto the platform and catch the next westbound train to the Laaaammmmbert Aiiirport termmmmminal. Again, any passengers...."

And, he started this spiel before the Central West End station, so he had lots of time to repeat it.

It made me smile. Also, it reminded me of how Porkchop would probably announce things if she was a train conductor.

Last Night
We scheduled Knitting Night for Suzi's house. In our haste to squeeze in some grocery shopping beforehand, I forgot my knitting bag. Murrr!!! However, that meant I was able to enjoy watching Prairie Home Companion unencumbered.

People are grating on my nerves with their panicking over the predicted snow and ice. Everyone in the office is wringing their hands and talking about how bad it's going to be tomorrow. Unless it starts blizzarding or we get like 4 inches of frozen rain, I don't believe it.

STOP FREAKING OUT, PEOPLE! And NO, the university WILL NOT be closed tomorrow.

We will survive.

Last night, Porchop and I reminisced about how awesome the snowplow teams were in Madison. Our landlord even owned his own snowplow, so our parking lot and driveway were always nice and clean before 7:30 a.m. when it snowed. Which it did, a lot. So don't talk to me about the measly 5-8 inches predicted tonight. Because I will SCOFF in your face and tell you stories about snow in Wisconsin and Iowa.

At least we don't live in Memphis. Or maybe that would be preferable, as the university actually would shut down. Right, V?

This Weekend
I think a trip to the yarn store is in order. This makes me feel tingly.


Anonymous said...

Indeed! The university gets shut down if someone even thinks the word snow.

I've been away from computers for a little while-- mine, Beth's and her office computer all managed to break at the same time... Yes, we're very talented! But it was nice to be able to catch up on things today, and I'm glad that A is doing well and that things are starting to get back to normal for you all.


Anonymous said...

also, the polygamy plan is awesome.