Monday, November 27, 2006


The past week has been really draining. For lots of folks.

I'm currently sitting still...for the first time in a while.

I took a half day off of work and went to Suzi's house to help clean. We accomplished A LOT, and it felt really nice. I was glad that we could assist in making the house feel like a home again.

Suzi and her mom invited us to take part in their Thanksgiving dinner. Since Suzi's brother works at an Italian restaurant and is marrying into an Italian family, he cooked us an Italian-style dinner. Everything was yummy....especially the bruschetta and the triple-chocolate cheesecake. Also, we finally met Suzi's uncles (on her mom's side), both of whom are very nice and gay (yay!).

After crashing at home in a carb- and sugar-induced nap, Porkchop and I tried to make some wintry decorations for the apartment. Everything came out horribly, and we decided we should stop. It was Craft Gone Bad. So bad.

The service for Suzi's dad was really touching; his pastor made it very personal and Suzi read a most moving eulogy that she wrote the week before. After the graveside peace, we helped transport plants, flowers, and food back to Suzi's and visited for a bit.

Unfortunately, we had to leave Suzi's early so that we could start our trip to my parents' house. Instead of taking 67 down through Poplar Bluff, we drove down I-55 for a change. Since I hadn't driven through Kennett in perhaps 5 years, I decided to take that route in order to pass by my old house.

Kennett was so freaking depressing. I can't believe I grew up there. Now, I can almost view it through a first-time vistor's eyes. It's an ugly sight. Blech.

The big news when we reached my parents' was that my sister and her boyfriend are now engaged. Even though I'm not a big proponent of marriage, good for them.

My sister told me about a plan that she and a lawyer friend have hatched. My sister said that she and her friend (female) want to get married in Massachusetts. Then, they'll return to Georgia and each marry a man. Next, they'll publicize said marriages and entice the state of Georgia to charge them with bigamy. If that happened, Georgia would then be recognizing the validity of same-sex marriage.

Sounds like a plan.

Also, we met my sister's boyfriend's mom, who was also staying at my parents' for Thanksgiving. She was super-nice, and I really enjoyed talking to her.

The day started with a group yoga session at a studio in Jonesboro. Yes, Jonesboro has a yoga studio, and it's really nice! One of my dad's friends is a yoga instructor, and she offered to give us a private session since the studio was closed. So, my dad, sister, sister's fiance, fiance's mom, and I had a nice little session.

That afternoon, I started knitting more hand mitts from Weekend Knitting. I can't stop! They're such great stashbusters and make nice gifts.

To celebrate the engagement, we and some of my parents' friends went out to Jonesboro's nicest restaurant. Dinner exceeded my expectations...I actually enjoyed the food and the company. Of course, the wine and champagne helped some.

We had to leave my parents' earlier than I wanted so that we could make it back to the St. Louis area for dinner at Porkchop's older brother's. Since Porkchop and I were driving through Corning, we dropped off some things at my parents' Sonic and picked up a free lunch (oh! The life of Sonic owners! Fried food! Slushies!).

Dinner was much better than lunch, however. Super delicious turkey, stuffing, green beans, mashed potatoes, and pie. Yum.

We made it back home around 10:30, and Keetah wouldn't stop meowing until nearly 1:00.

So busy with the work! Busy! Tired!

Not enough knitting time!

Also, Porkchop's parents are spending the night here tonight because her dad has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Porkchop's 1-month follow up is also tomorrow.

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Work, of course. Knitting, hopefully. And sleep....sleep would be nice.

Have a nice week!

A Note
In my last post, I grumbled about the switch to Blogger's Beta version. It's really not that bad. A copy of your old template is retained, but moving over certain items is tedious. If you've customized things like your side bar with extra bits of code and whatnot (knit-along buttons, for example) they're not automatically incorporated into the new template. You have to fool around with Blogger's new widgets and stuff.

It's not so bad, I just don't like fiddling around with things sometimes....especially when I already have things set like I want.


ken said...

Your parents own a Sonics? How come I never knew this? I feel like I never really knew you, C.
I did however pick up very early on that you were quite fond of the wristwarmers.
Sorry you are tired but glad you got to have multiple family/friend gatherings.

Carrie said...

Because I'm somewhat ashamed that my parents are shilling fried crap.

They actually have one and a half. They used to have partial ownership in more, but those franchises are a pain.

One of my cousins owns around a 100 Sonics in Alabama. Now that's a lot of slushies.

EBuz said...

what the heck is a sonic??

Carrie said...

Oh my gosh, you're killing me!

Sonic is America's drive-in.

You're such a New Englander.

ken said...

Ebuz--we see commercials for Sonic breakfast and Sonic desserts all the time. The ones with two people sitting in a car trying to be witty or ironic. But we never made it to one.
Guess we'll have to come visit because according to the website we don't live within 150 miles of one.

EBuz said...

Oh right. I know those ads -- with that guy from Best Week Ever. I guess the brand name just didn't sink in. We will have to hit one on our next roadtrip. That is, if we ever decide to actually leave New England. :)