Tuesday, December 12, 2006


My path between the Skinker train station and my building takes me across a grassy area. The walk is usually uneventful, but today, it has caused my moral compass to spin.

While traversing the grassy area, I spied an object that the non-knitter might identify as a tampon or suppository case. The initiated, however, can identify it as a Clover Chibi case for tapestry needles. My thought was not, "Score!," but "Oh! The poor knitter who lost this!" and "Poor little muddy Chibi!" I scooped it up and nestled it in my hands.

Once in my building, I washed off the mud and checked its contents. Yep, 3 needles in various sizes.

What do I do?

I don't feel right keeping it, but how on earth will I find its owner? Should I throw it back in the grassy area and hope that the owner goes looking for it? I don't want a non-knitter to pick it up and then discard it once he or she finds that it is not a drug case.

Or, is this a sign of some sort? Like, I am following the right path as a knitter?

Poor little Chibi...it's an older one, like this:

old chibi

So, dear readers, what should I do?

Longer post later, in which I will fill you in on our encounter with a fire truck, my new beautiful cabled hat, and my sore hands and wrists. Also, recipes!


Amanda said...

You should make a little poster that says, "Found: Chibi case. Call 555-555" And put it up near that area. Also, it could have the picture on it. That would be the best thing.

getinmymouthstuff said...

Or you could understand that you have a gift from the universe and that thoughtless people who forget cute knitting things in public like me just get used to saying "damn."

I think you can only put up the poster if it says "Is this your case? Found Chibi case. Responds to 'Pumpkin.' Call 555-5555.

And then post cute pictures of it ala stuffonmycat.