Thursday, December 21, 2006

More with the Shibori

Remember how I wrote about shibori a couple of times maybe two months ago? The main thing that kept me from starting a shibori scarf was the amount of time it would take to knit a long, fine-gauge scarf. Well, I just checked out the non-pattern content of Knitty and saw this article about using old sweaters for a shibori scarf.

What a wonderful idea! And, why didn't I think about that?!

I'm not too keen on the "winter garden" scarf featured in the article, but some sort of felted embellishment would be nice. Oh! What if it was needle felted?! That would cover two recent fancies at once!

1 comment:

getinmymouthstuff said...

um. that heinous flower atrocity should not be recreated by a lovely writer such as yourself.

please shibori with care.