Friday, December 15, 2006

Post #101

Just realized my previous post was my 100th. What a miserable subject for a milestone post!

This post will be more cheerful! Yet rushed! And without pictures!

It sucks to never be home during natural-light hours during the week. I promise pictures this of snowglobes and stockings and a cabled hat!

My new cabled hat (made with this pattern) is so pretty! I love it so freakin' much! As I was telling CJ last night, I like to just sit and look at it and touch it. Then, I put it on and admire it in a mirror. Yes, I might be a bit obsessive.

Currently, I'm working on a cabled scarf that will be a present for someone. It's also pretty....that's all I can say. I also have felted bags to line; Porkchop will be assisting with sewing.

Short on are highlights of the past week:
  • Ate at Il Vicino last Friday. Yum! Great pizza and calzones!

  • Went to a kid's 6th birthday on Saturday. Sounds not fun, perhaps, eh? But, it was! The theme was "Safety Heroes," and the parents arranged for the fire department to come out and give the kids a tour of a fire truck and safety tips.

  • Went to Suzi's for knitting night. Her cat continues to amaze/horrify us by doing things like playing with candles and burning both front paws. Seriously, the cat is not the least bit intimidated by fire. Courageous or not-so-smart?

  • We made orange-chocolate-pistachio biscotti and orange-almond shortbread this week. Recipes to follow later!

  • We bathed Keetah last night. Actually, Porkchop did most of the work while I handed her things. It's always disgusting to see the amount of dirt that comes off of Keetah.

Hmmmm....I thought there were more highlights. What a paltry list.

My work is busy! Must go!

Look for photos this weekend! Promise!


getinmymouthstuff said...

I'm crazy into log cabin knitting right now (as in for the past 10 hours--ever since I saw the book on the link in the University Bookstore).

Here's instructions from them:

I like making all the strips different sizes and am currently using the rest of my dwindling acrylic stash for a blanket. Yay no more crap yarn! And the finished product will at least be pretty. And by pretty, I mean geometric.



log cabin for real this time said...

Ok. try here for log cabin instructions. Just scroll down to Feb 15, 2004.