Friday, December 29, 2006

A Few Last Slugs

2006 is still trying to pack in more horribleness.

Recently, I learned that one of my school's fixtures, a woman in her 90s who graduated from here back in the day and continued coming to the school on a near-daily basis to hang out, passed away this week. Surprising to me, as she was still stopping by for coffee every afternoon last week.

Also, I learned that my sister's fiance is back in a hospital. Apparently, his other recent stay was not self-motivated as I was led to believe, but came about after he was found wondering Atlanta breaking windows (actually, just one window...with a stick). During our visit to my parents', it was quite obvious that he is still delusional. I hope a breakthrough of some sort happens this time. I also hope my sister seeks counseling or a support group, because she is shouldering a huge responsibility. This makes my soul hurt.

2006, kiss my ass. Hate you.

Porkchop and I intend on going to Rooster for breakfast tomorrow morning. Yay! Crêpes!

I wonder if I should tell them that "dessert" is misspelled on their website. How embarrassing. Although....maybe I just don't know what "desert crêpes" are.

Marbles is having 24 hours of yoga on New Year's Eve and Day. I might want to go, but they haven't posted the class schedule yet. I don't like surprises...I'd like to map out my schedule well beforehand.

The Yarn Sale
I haven't been to the Knitorious yarn sale, and I probably won't go, because I can't get there before the store closes in the evening. How sad! But, also maybe a good thing.

On second thought, it's just sad. Before, I thought we might go to Madison this weekend, so I was saving for a trip to the BEST YARN STORE EVER, Lakeside Fibers. I still have two Lakeside punchcards...I swear I will earn another $20 off at some point. no Madison, no yarn trip. Murrrr.

Ah well, Lakeside is probably closed this weekend anyway. As I recall, they close at the drop of a hat.

Someday, my pretty precious Lakeside, someday.


getinmymouthstuff said...

I think one of us should write an elegy for 2006 ala 'we didn't start the fire' where we all list our 2006 grumbles: OH wait. I'll do it.

hearts are broken
people mean
grad school suck
kidney day
hurt the eye
mental breakdown
major surgery

writing blogs
temping jobs
fighting mobs
turning knobs
sob sob sob sob
sob sob sob sob

Um. I'll keep working on it

Carrie said...

We think this is spot-on and fabulous as is.