Wednesday, December 06, 2006


Sometimes, one can feel so sad upon hearing news about someone who one does not even know.

I had been keeping up on the Kim family (website being hit hard and not always available) after reading about their disappearance on the A Bird in the Hand blog. When the mother and children were found, there was so much hope that the father also survived. Alas, the father's body was recently found.

How horrible that a wrong turn can lead to such devestation!

This definitely makes me reconsider taking little roads that barely warrant a faint line on maps.

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getinmymouthstuff said...

I've been slow at posting comments due to tearing both of my corneas two weeks ago. I'm still blurry-visioned, and hope to get a new Rx on Tuesday. Urgh. Some days are better than others. Reading's harder than knitting.

Check out the link to the dishcloth pattern I've been churning out! Thanks for teaching me short rows! :)

miss you. And a. and K.