Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Is Wednesday the 13th the New Friday the 13th?

I have had such a bad morning, and it's not yet 9:00. And, actually, everything happened before it was even 8:00.

On my way to the bus stop, I stepped in dog poop...the only poop on our sidewalk, and I had to step in it. So, I had to rush home, change shoes, and hurry back to the bus stop. I was fairly certain that I had missed any bus that would get me to the metro stop before 8:11, but I decided to try anyway.

Wrong decision.

A drunk guy at the bus stop sang a rap song to me, to which I smiled and nodded politely. Then he said, with a drunken slur, "What? Did you forget to shave this morning? You have more whiskers than me."

My peach fuzz is the one thing I'm sensitive about. I've got blond hair and super fair skin that burns to a crisp...I need a bit of fuzz covering to protect me from skin cancer! After years of teasing in elementary school, I came to accept my fuzzy lot in life. (And, no, hair removal beyond waxing my eyebrows is so not for me.)

But this drunk asshole had to bring it all back up. Thanks!

So, I replied to the guy, "That's not a very polite thing to say to someone." This caused him to trespass into my personal space and yell at me! The alcohol fumes nearly had me drunk!

I was like, what are you doing? Go away.

He sat down on the bench but continued to pester me. My favorite was when he asked for a dollar or 50 cents, to which I asked, "After you've been mean to me? What do you think?" It was so grade school.

After I saw him pull out his huge jug of alcohol and take a few swigs, I decided I had had enough for the morning and walked home to get my car.

Of course, on the walk home, I started crying because I can only take so much before 8:00. I had also had a horrible dream this morning that caused me to wake up crying and put me into an already-fragile state.

If I could take my sick days, I so would have called in this morning. Unfortunately, I'm still waiting out my 6-month probation period (grumble!).

Yesterday, I had so much love for the bus. A guy gave me his seat on my evening commute, and I talked about knitting with another rider. This morning...I hate the bus! And drunk mean people!


djeh_b said...

Man, that sucks. Hang in there. At least it's 60 degrees, right?

getinmymouthstuff said...

Thinking of you.

Blindly yours,


Beth said...

I'm sorry buddy. That sounds like a very bad day. I tried to take the Division bus to meet Katie Monday but it wasn't running because somebody had shot a cop on Division. Nothing good can come from a drunk before 8 am.