Thursday, December 07, 2006

The Sockless

Hi y'all!

So....I wasn't feeling the sock love, which made me rip out my one inch of ribbing and switch to a hat. I don't know why I can't jump on the sock wagon. Perhaps it's because I'm very particular about my socks. If it's not Smartwool, I usually don't want anything to do with it. I know....wool is wool, right? Wrong!

I could not go gently into sock knitting knowing that I would never let the socks touch my feet.

At least I'm getting a cool hat out of it: the first Winter Femme Hat in this pattern set. I think the second one looks super-fun as well. (P.S. The same person designed the pattern that I'm using for a cabled scarf. I guess I really like her designs!)

What else....

I had a haircut Tuesday night. After my stylist left Verve (and apparently was not allowed to contact her clients!), I had a disappointing cut with another stylist. Since I prefer to not suffer from haircuts in which the only texturizing is provided with blocking scissors, I decided to try Salon St. Louis. I'm quite pleased with my decision. My stylist spent nearly 10 minutes discussing what I wanted and what I definitely don't like (e.g., blocking scissors!). The shampoo/conditioning session included a scalp massage with warm oils, a hot towel on the neck during conditioning, and a free hand paraffin treatment (I love hot wax!). The cut itself took nearly 40 minutes, as the stylist did a careful point cut job. Yay! No blocking scissors!

At my last appointment at Verve, the stylist didn't really pay attention to me or my hair, acted bored, and sped through the cut. No point cutting, just blocking scissors at the end. Blech! Not happy!

My stylist at Salon St. Louis was such a deal at only $31. I am happy. And, no, the salon did not pay me to write this. Oh, one more thing. Salon St. Louis gives you free touch-ups in between scheduled haircuts. So, in 3 weeks, I'll go to the salon and my stylist will clean up my neck and whatnot for free. The salon I went to in Iowa City also provided this service, but I've never heard of it elsewhere.

The only painful part of the haircut was listening to a customer explaining to another stylist what blogs are. Painful.

Last night, Porkchop and I made a super-yummy dinner: chicken with a creamy dill sauce and buttermilk mashed potatoes. Yum! Tonight, we have navrattan korma scheduled. Double-yum!

Have a great Thursday!

Also, if you are in St. Louis, be sure to go to the Independent Art Market this weekend!

Just One More Thing
Maybe St. Louis actually deserves its Most Dangerous City title if people are killed over warm Stag beer. Of course, maybe it wasn't the warmth...maybe it was the Stag part (yuck!). Or maybe it was the lack of electricity. And, yes! Many people still do not have power!


djeh_b said...

I tried D-zine in the loop for the first time, having used a barber for years. Got 10" cut off, great stylist/banjo player, Jeremiah, cut still looks good 4 weeks later. Definitely worth the money, but I may try Salon StL based on your description.

getinmymouthstuff said...

Oh--and I also started to make a Clapotis in Elsebeth Lavold Designer's Choice Silky Wool/a dark red. Yum. it's a fun project to do--easy enough to take anywhere, but with enough drops and changes to keep the challenge up.

And i designed a legwarmer pattern. Which is lovely, except I accidently felted them.

ken said...

I think it is freakin' brilliant to type into knitting patterns little blocks that you can check off as you go. My patterns are all hash marked in whatever margin space I can find.