Wednesday, January 10, 2007


I'm totally excited about the recipes on this website. It makes me look forward to cooking again (it has started to feel like a chore lately). I can't wait to make the Ethiopian Spicy Lentil Soup, which I'm sure would be terrific with injera, but injera seems hard. Maybe brown rice.

On a non-inspirational note, I brought in some of my chocolate-coconut macaroons to share with my office-mates. All except for one were excited about the treats. Can you guess who the downer was?

Yep, our socially awkward admin assistant who takes joy in turning down the treats that I bring in. Seriously, the AA couldn't hide her huge grin when refusing my offer. I wouldn't even extend an offer, but that would be so rude. And I have a hard time being intentionally rude.

On a totally different note, I decided to use my blue Malabrigo to make a cabled scarf (with the pattern used previously for the gift-scarf). I'm happy with this decision.


getinmymouthstuff said...

I'm working on a pair of legwarmers in Cascade Quatro

quatro 220 green (9435) with a 220 deep green heather (can't seem to find it on line as the cuffs. They'll be long long legwarmers that go up past my knee!


how's the scarf?

Robin said...

I think I need those deviled egg recipes. I looooooooove deviled eggs, but hate egg whites. If these recipes are as good as they sound and I eat half a bowl of egg yolk filling, I'm billing you for my emergency room co-pay.