Thursday, January 18, 2007

On Being a Sloth


I don't have much to report because, as of late, Porkchop and I have been slothlike in the evenings. This is due to our drafty apartment and the pain involved in removing one's self out from under a blanket and away from the spaceheater. Also, we have watched American Idol auditions the past two nights.

After the auditions last night, I pinned the spots where I wanted slots on the knitting needle case that Porkchop made last month. Then, she even sewed it up last night.

Pretty! See:

It is the best.

Porkchop is also the best for getting up early on her day off yesterday and taking me to work and then picking me up. Yay!

I have a staff retreat all day tomorrow and I so DO NOT want to go. You might recall that this retreat was cancelled the last time because of the big ice/snow storm. I would wish for another cancellation, but that would be mean, what with everyone just getting powered back up and all...

P.S. I will post bigger pictures tonight. It looks like I only have the thumbnails with me.

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getinmymouthstuff said...

I invented an imaginary Sloth friend named Slowy. He or She is wonderful and has dreams of playing hockey on the Madison Gay Hockey Association Red Team one day.