Friday, January 26, 2007

Obviously, This is What I do at Work


So....the upcoming Interweave Knits has a whopping 3 patterns piquing my interest.

  1. Entrelac socks. Remember how I'm not a sock knitter and never learned entrelac? For this pattern, I would knit socks and learn entrelac. I *heart* knee-high socks, and the socks in the picture are really freakin' cute. Cute! Five skeins of yarn for two socks? Sign me up!

  2. Green tea raglan. I've seen a lot of ugly, offensive-looking sweater patterns out on the Internet today, folks. This raglan is neither ugly nor offensive. This is a possibility for a first sweater, I think.

  3. Slanted neck pullover. I also *heart* asymmetrical clothing items! I'm wearing one right now! Also a first sweater (or pullover) possibility. Just not in that blue (the color isn't ugly, just not for me).

Do I have to wait until February 20 for the new issue? That sucks.

Anyone else cringe upon viewing the knitted thong on the IK website? Seems like that would be a tad uncomfortable. But maybe it's not for wearing.

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Robin said...

Entrelac's a lot of fun. I did Knitty's Danica scarf last year. Much easier than it looks. The IK socks are much, much cuter than the hideous entrelac sock pattern I recently saw elsewhere. Oh, they were bad.