Friday, January 05, 2007

What?! It's only 2:00?

I can't believe how this afternoon is moving along like sludge.


I haven't posted in the past few days because of the following reasons:

  • I've actually been working at work. This is part of my new year "turn over a new leaf" thing. I'm also avoiding certain gossip-y websites because I don't give a damn about celebrities, so why do I want to waste my internet time reading about them? I'm currently trying to find good blogs with a purpose and a can-do attitude to add to my daily read. Know of any? Tell me, then.

  • I haven't been knitting or crocheting, so no news to report on that front.

  • I've been reading The Memory of Running. The description makes it sound a bit hokey, but it's really good. I was sucked in and had to spend every possible free moment in 34 hours reading it.

  • I fell. And I hurt a bit. Less now.

I received a few comments this week that I want to respond to...

Breast Cancer and Cleaning Products
Val is right, this linkage is not discussed enough. For obvious reasons.

Val, please forward information regarding the natural products company that you mentioned.

Also, I am appalled that I did not realize how often cats are harmed by cleaning products!

On a side note, Porkchop and I once applied some Hartz flea repellent on Keetah because it was summer and she was going outside. Once we realized her discomfort, we washed and washed that stuff off. But not before it burned a hole through her fur. Poor thing!

Speaking of Keetah, she has recently commandeered the Ikea chair that we moved into the living room during Porkchop's kidney donation recovery. This frustrates me because that chair was previously the one fur-free spot in the entire apartment! Although she's super cute in the chair, this has to stop. The other night, I got out of the chair for a reading-break and Keetah totally stole it from me! Ridiculous.

Log Cabin Acrylic Afghans and My Scarf
CJ, Savers stocks yarn regularly?

I can't wait to see your completed afghan...even if it is petroleum-based! I can see how a log cabin afghan would be satisfying.

I did not impale myself during the I-cord cast-on, but a vein might have popped in my forehead.

I thought about using my 2 skeins of blue Malabrigo to make a cabled scarf, but then I thought I should save the blue for a 2-color brioche. Unfortunately, that leaves me with the 1 purple skein. What do I do with it? I am still sorting this out. Maybe I will go with a blue cabled scarf. We'll see.

Other Knitting Things
Tuesday night, Porkchop and I went to Suzi's to watch the Blues game. Later in the evening Suzi's neighbors came over. The son is in his early 20s and is the most amazing knitting EVER.

He flew threw 12 rounds of a 2-color stranded sweater with a design he made based on Turkish patterns. And, of course, he did this all while talking, watching the TV, and not consulting a pattern.

I hid my 2-color brioche attempt under the coffee table.

For most of this week, my abdomen felt like I had done 10,000 crunches. I blamed this on falling, but maybe it was from the new power yoga programs that I did over the weekend. Hard to tell.

I think the deep bruise on my right leg and the sores in my mouth are from falling. Also, back and neck pain.

This Weekend
Porkchop works for 4 hours on Saturday. I don't know what else this weekend will hold. Maybe we'll go out for an inexpensive meal. Maybe Everest Café. It would be a dream to have dal like Himal Chuli's here in St. Louis.

Have a nice weekend!

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this is what I did on new years said...

I'm winning the most comment posts race. ken, ebuz, and k/b will all have to do double duty to catch up and get the poster patch I'm going to sew on my blogger babes uniform.

ok. I'll send pics of the log cabin monstrocity at some point.

and. what about a halfsies blue and purple cable scarf? or maybe halfsies with the first inch of each side in the opposite color? Or just one side with an inch of the other color?

I'm still working on clapotis. i dream of when I can finish it and be grown up pretty.