Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Amusements and Irritations

I'm so fascinated and amused by the number of people who hit my blog via the Next Blog button on the Blogger navigation bar.

It's so incredibly random.

I think I got 5 hits yesterday because of it. Considering the number of Blogger blogs out there, it makes me wonder how many people play the Next Blog game.


Also crazy are some of the searches through which vistors find my blog. My favorites:

  • Feverish and ovulating. That's on this term through Google, and you'll find me on page 8. Maybe I've been bumped up now since I duplicated the term here.

  • Chouteau pronunciation. I once made fun of how folks around here pronounce Chouteau.

  • Where can I find a good place for dessert and wine after a concert at UMSL. No kidding. Some internet users obviously need a primer on how to maximize efficiency when using search engines. Type that sentence into Google, and I'm on the first page...and I've never written about concerts at UMSL.

  • Anarchist bakery. Love it.

  • My most favorite.....colon irrigation! This was a search done through Blogger, and my first post yesterday obviously qualified me.

The most annoying search: vin de set. I've never eaten there, people! You won't find any useful information about the place on my blog! Shoo!

If you're wondering how I know all these things, let me say that there are wonderful pieces of code that you can insert into your web page (got mine at Stat Counter). Freaked out? You should be. Even I, just a low-tech blogger, can track IP addresses, your approximate location, what sort of web browser you use, and all sorts of other stats.

If I can do all of these things, just imagine what happened recently when AOL "accidentally" released detailed information of over 20 million queries conducted by over a half million people.

The internet is a scary place because we often assume anonymity.

The upper right side of my torso and back is super-itchy and has been for the past couple of days.

I don't know what to do. I've moisturized the hell out of the itchy spots, so it's definitely not dry skin.

I'm so itchy, it hurts. And keeping myself from scratching is driving me nuts.

The center of itchiness moves from my armpit, to my shoulder blade, to my right breast. Gah!

Last night, while walking around outside (see account below), I started to perspire a bit, and my armpit was ON FIRE! It felt like a million needles pricking my skin.

Anyone have any idea what this is about?

Argh, it feels like I rubbed poison ivy on myself, but my skin shows no irritation at all, save from the scratch marks.

I'm imagining the worse....some sort of little skin bug or fungus.

Great, I can't wait to see what sort of searches bring up my blog now.

Well, for those of you not suffering from the itchies, have a great Wednesday!

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