Saturday, August 19, 2006

Making Fringe is Tiring

I just spent nearly an hour making the fringe for my first gift pouch's I-cord.

I hate making fringe.

Whenever fringe is involved, I find it the most tedious and often most challenging part of the project. This evening, I had to redo my work twice because I messed it up. I nearly gave up when my I-cord started unraveling. Apparently, when I was cutting (yes, cutting!) one of my mess-ups away, I inadvertently snipped part of the I-cord.

But it's okay, I recovered things and fixed it right up.

I will post a picture tomorrow of my gift pouch in all its glory. Possibly a pic of my first flower washcloth, too.

Anyway, making fringe is tiring. Keetah thinks so, too:

Fringe is Hard

Since I've started with the cat photos, here's another one:

Yay! Knitting!

It's not easy to knit with so much cat on your lap, but I somehow manage.

Have a great night!

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