Friday, August 11, 2006

High Class All the Way

Dude, Porkchop and I really know how to spend a Friday night.

After a tasty meal at Pho Grand (where I had a delightful tofu coconut curry, yum!), we went out to the County and hit TJ Maxx. Every once in a while, I really enjoy a trip to TJ Maxx, mainly for perusing their kitchen and bath items. We did that tonight, but our main mission was finding some designer baby things (for someone else...don't worry, you haven't missed anything). And we totally scored by finding a hot hot pink Puma warmup jacket (size 6-12 months). Awesome.

I also found a pair of acceptable Limited pants for cheap. Of course, they are more lightweight summer pants, but at least I'll have something a bit nicer for my interviews, if I choose to wear them. The waist fabric gap is not so great, totally workable with a belt.

After TJ Maxx fun, we went to the Sonic and kicked back in the parking lot with a cream pie shake and a cream slush. Some guy was acting suspicious in the parking lot, which just proves that such things don't just happen at the city Sonics.

Next, it was on to Supermarket of Shoes, which is not what I had imagined. I had pictured bins of shoes....kind of like the produce aisle in grocery stores. In reality, it's just a Famous Footwear with a different alliterated (is that a word?) name.

Now we're back home.

Who knows what crazy things we'll do next.

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