Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Ten Dollars of Fun

Actually, only $9.13 of fun. After a nice walk in Tower Grove Park, Porkchop and I hit Jay International Foods for treats. Here's what we came away with:


Not pictured is the second Thai Tea bottle. The pumpkin chips are super yum! I thought so anyway; Porkchop spit hers out. Whatever.

I enjoyed my ginger beer and Porkchop her Jarritos while sitting out on the deck this evening. This is the sort of weather I like! Low humidity!

If you ever see these little chocolate cream wafers, buy them! They are the best! Here's a closer picture for reference:

Super Yum!

At JIF, Porkchop and I noticed that Nutella now makes a little snack pack: nutella with dipping sticks and what appears to be peach tea! The peach tea thing seems weird....that's just what I'm piecing together from the picture of a peach above the words something-the.

Before our trip to JIF and before our walk, we made garlic-rosemary marinated grilled chicken. I've written about this dish before, but I feel the need to mention it again. So good!

Porkchop did most of the labor. I mainly minced the garlic.


Have a great night!


Porkchop said...

Ewwww... don't listen to her! Pumpkin chips are nasty. And to top it all off... I got chastised for discreetly spitting them out into the garbage can... in my OWN HOME. *grumble*

Carrie said...


Because I was like: yumyumyum....pumpkin chips are what I've been wanting...yumyumyum.

And then you made a production of gathering yourself, walking to the trashcan, opening it, and spitting out the chip.

It wasn't discreet; it was a production.

So there.

Anonymous said...

Oh you crazy guys!

I hope Amanda liked her giant pretzels. Every time I see them my mouth waters.