Saturday, August 05, 2006

Midnight Funnel Cake

Okay, more like 11:00 pm funnel cake.

Friday evening, Porkchop, her niece, and I went to the art museum, hung out by the Grand Basin, and went backpack-shopping at Target (said niece has her heart set on a backpack that she saw in a Target circular). After traveling to Wood River to drop off the niece, Porkchop and I decided to take the MLK bridge and go through downtown instead of staying on 64. [For those outside of St. Louis, the 64 bridge connecting Missouri and Illinois is a major thoroughfare that is currently undergoing extensive construction.]

Bad idea.

Like naive outsiders, we didn't factor in Live on the Levee, the Cardinals game, or the German fest (which is right smack on Market Street). Once we reached the German fest, we decided to screw the traffic and get a funnel cake. So that's what we did.

Unexpected Surprises
Yes, that is redundant.

When thinking about Saturday morning, I had originally wanted to try a different farmers market (preferably Clayton because the local anarchist bakery - Black Bear Bakery - sells stuff there), but with a late night behind us and a massage appointment at 11:00 am, we stuck with the Tower Grove market.

Originally, I had also wanted to get a load of tomatoes, but the $3.50/pound price for the organic heirlooms seemed a bit frivolous, especially when we might be a single paycheck household if Porkchop's kidney donation proceeds. So I just picked up a few slicers for $2.25/pound.

After enjoying a savory crepe, Porkchop took me to the yoga/massage studio. I definitely recommend Urban Breath for massage stuff, and the yoga schedule and facilities seem pretty nice. This was my first time with a male masseuse, and it was fine.

Afterwards, Porkchop whisked us off to a Chinese buffet, where we joined Soozi, her mom, and one of Soozi's long-time friends, and the friend's child. It was a pleasant group, and conversation was quite easy. Soozi and her mom (who was very nice, as expected) surprised us with goodies from a neighbor's garden that they've been tending.

So, my tomato dilemma worked itself out! I now have quite enough to enjoy tomato sandwiches and make a cooked tomato dish! Yay!!! I also now have a pretty little eggplant (might make a roasted eggplant dip), 2 hot peppers, and more basil. Super yay!!!

After doing a bit of shopping, we dropped of Soozi's mom. Porkchop and I then switched to Soozi's car and accompanied her to Viviano's. What a great little Italian grocery! The smell alone is worth the trip. Yum.

Unfortunately, Vitale's was already closed. Next time, we'll have to go earlier and pick up some more spumoni.

Enjoying the Day's Fruits
After napping some when we returned home, I had a little dish of things purchased/received today: olive bread (from the Companion Baking stand at the TG market), sliced tomatoes, basil, and goat cheese. So tasty!

Soozi recently left our apartment after a round of Trivial Pursuit and popcorn. I think Porkchop has finally broken our bad-popcorn streak. For quite some time, we could both make some excellent popcorn. But then I burned a batch, and Porkchop made fun of me. Karma extracted its toll by giving Porkchop and bad popcorn streak that has lasted for more than a year.

But tonight, the popcorn was perfect, as was the company.

Porkchop takes her niece to the Cardinals game because it's Build-a-Bear Workshop Day. I think the first so many thousands of kids receive some sort of stuffed item.

For me, it should be a day to start tackling one of my school papers. I just have to stay focused and not get distracted by my tomatoes or eggplant.

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