Friday, August 18, 2006


I love the word ennui because it's pretty and fun to say. But also because it's useful to describe the feeling of listlessness and dissatisfaction that I feel here at my workplace.

But not just at work, sometimes at home, too.

I can't wait until Porkchop is no longer working weekends all the time because there are lots of places around here that I want to check out with her. At the moment, number one in my mind is a fun-looking antiques mall in Illinois. I don't remember where exactly in Illinois, but I saw it not too long after we crossed over into Illinois on our way to Chicago last month.

The building is quite recognizable because there's a giant statue out front - a statue obviously from the 1950s. Of course, I will do more research on this before we go. And, since that will probably be in November, I have plenty of time.

I also want to host a dinner party in a bad way, but we don't know enough people here yet to do that. I want to make fun small dishes and desserts and stuff like that.

I know...I shouldn't just sit here and complain about not knowing people. I should go out and meet them. But I hate that process.

Last Night
Porkchop's parents had dinner with us - shrimp, tomato, and basil with pasta. Pretty good. No pictures.

Her parents also brought along a small desk that Porkchop's mom picked up at Office Depot on sale - she thought it would be useful as a sewing table.

I appreciate this, but I am also very tired of furniture that comes out of a box. In fact, Porkchop and I pledged not to buy any more of that stuff. It's cheap, poorly made, and often ugly. I had imagined finding a little old wooden desk to use as a sewing table....but it's okay. Screw-together furniture is better than the sewing machine sitting in its box on the floor.

Now we just need to devise some sewing projects.

I'm a very inexperienced sewer and have a hard time sewing things in a straight line....much less doing anything fancy.

This might be because sewing machines scare me. The needle moving so fast and so close to my hands gives me bad images of my hand getting caught and sewn up.

Also, the needle hypnotizes me, so an accident could quite likely happen.

Mainly, however, I don't know what threads and what needles should be used with what fabric.

I really want to sew things. I'm just frozen by fear and ignorance.

Number one priority is exercising. I'm in a bad mood because I haven't done anything since Sunday. I took Monday off, then there was Porkchop's work pool party, company the next two nights (not that I don't like company), and now today.


Good Things
I've been called back for the second round of interviews at the place that is not my current workplace. That's exciting! But I hate group interviews! I'm currently waiting for the call back to schedule the time. I also hate waiting!

Last night, I had time to make another petal on the flower washcloth. Yay! Should be finished this weekend, when I actually have time to make multiple petals.

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