Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Basketball Games and Baby Raccoons

After work today, I went to Schnuck's to buy a few things for the tomato-basil-chicken dish I mentioned in my first post today. The dish was totally yummy. Instead of cooking two whole chicken breasts, I cut them up into bite-size portions; that way, there was actually a portion left for leftovers. I also served it on orzo with Parmesan cheese and a squeeze of lemon (there's just something about lemon and basil together...).

Here's a pic:


After dinner, dish washing, and bill paying, Porkchop and I set off to deposit some checks and for treats at Mokabe's. These are things we encountered:

  • Crazy running man with baby and dog in alley. We were in the alley dropping off some trash and were nearly run over by this group. I should note that the man had a beard....for some reason, I think it's extremely odd when running men have beards.

  • Kids' basketball game. Porkchop tried to tell me about this before. I don't know what sort of group this is, but there's a basketball hoop off our alley, and there were a bunch of kids (supervised by an adult) playing tonight. It kind of makes me sad that these kids have to play basketball in the alley.

  • A boat-load of gay men at Mokabe's. Is Tuesday night Gay Man night?

  • A family of raccoons in the storm gutter near our apartment. The family included 3 baby raccoons. Sooooo cute! When they're not going through your garbage or turning over your potted plants, that is.

That is all for now. Must check laundry. Have a good night!

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Porkchop said...

YAY for Baby Raccoons! I got within two feet of them and the babies were all cute and crawling out of the sewer drain toward me... not scared at all! But then I heard this low growl and I had visions of an angry mommy-raccoon flying out of the sewer and latching onto my face, so I left them alone.