Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Need a Good Cleaning Out?

This past Sunday, Soozi and I went to Mokabe's for brunch (Soozi had their buffet, and I had a chai and scone, since I'd actually already had brunch). Afterwards, the conversation at my apartment took a turn towards colonic hydrotherapy. While I would enjoy a good deep cleansing of my insides, I don't know how I feel about having a couple of tubes stuck up my bum and warm water pumped inside of me.

Am I being too staid? Too conservative? Am I clinging on to old shit?

A couple of friends recently told me about how they accomplished essentially the same thing with acupuncture. Hmmmmmm....have some needles stuck in me (which I've done before) or have a couple of tubes inserted into the first 2 inches of my large intestine. Hmmmm.....

Of course, with acupuncture, you don't have the joy of watching what's inside be washed out through a clear tube.

On to Other Things
Maybe I need acupunture anyway...I was awake most of Sunday night worrying about stupid things. So, Monday morning, I called in sick, saying I would make it in around noon.

Half workdays are weird. I stayed on until 5:30, so it was more than half a workday, but it was still weird.

A helicopter landed outside my building at 4:15. Yes, we were expecting this, but I just happened to be in the all-window stairwell when the chopper came down. It was smaller than I expected. Everyone was very excited; the building was abuzz, so to speak.

Soozi saved the evening by dropping off a couple of vegetable lasagne bundles. Even though I had already inhaled nearly half a loaf of olive bread when I got home, I was still very hungry. So was Porkchop when she arrived.

Vegetable lasagne saved us.

Even though Soozi will say it was super-easy to make, it was still super-yummy. And super-appreciated.

Tonight, I plan on making this recipe, using tomatoes from Soozi's neighbor's garden and our own basil.

Craft-Related Notes
I didn't have a chance to buy yarn this weekend, so I can't start on my handwarmers yet. Guess I should try to do a little something with my (small) stash, but I can't really get excited about that. Part of the "new project" giddiness for me is going to the yarn store and ogling all the pretty yarn.

Sunday afternoon, I had a fleeting infatuation with this blog. The tagline sucked me in....have to see if it becomes a regular read. I'm also quite amused by this blog.

School Things
I have two school papers with deadline extensions hanging over my head. This weekend, I strategized about how to finish one, and I will hopefully complete it by the end of next weekend.

The other paper will take a bit longer, as I need to order a few books. Murrrr.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

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