Thursday, August 03, 2006

Too Early for This

Gah! The executive assistant here at my workplace has already succeeded in getting under my skin today....and it's not yet 9 am. I'm opposed to using the word bitch to describe women because it perpetuates all sorts of stereotypes, but I'm nearly at the end of my string here. However, I think I've made it clear that I don't appreciate getting lip from anyone, especially her. We'll see how things play out.

Speaking of ends of strings, I'm nearly finished with my scarf and hat set. Just have to do the finishing section on the scarf and weave in the loose ends. YAY! Then it's on to this and then this and then maybe this (perhaps for a certain friend who has a huge wrist tattoo that needs to be covered at times).

I had a very good knitting evening Tuesday night. Instead of exercising or cleaning, I downloaded a couple of This American Life episodes and knitted. And talked to my friend J for a bit.

Last night, Porkchop came home a bit early, so we hung out at home and at Mokabe's. Sometimes, I just really need a decaf latté. Coffee used to be such a big part of my life....I really miss it. But not the caffeine shakes, stomach pains, or the low-blood-sugar-crazies. Now, a decaf latté is one of my supreme treats. The one I had last night was good - with caramel and butterscotch flavored syrups - but not hot enough.

In other coffee news, August's Sauce magazine is out on the stands, and there's a whole article devoted to iced coffee. FINALLY, someone is telling people what I've been saying to my peers for the past 8 years or so: iced coffee is best made using the cold press method! Don't use whatever conventional coffee brewing method you usually use - that equals nastiness! You have to get a big glass decanter and let gravity steep the coffee for 12-24 hours. The result is extra-strong, extra-tasty iced coffee goodness. Yum!

I grew up, so to speak, on iced coffee made using the cold press method (at Lakota Coffee in Columbia, MO - Lakota is snotty and a bit racist with their Native American themes, but I used to know the staff and could therefore get free drinks and snacks - I like to think that I helped bring their profits down). When I moved to Madison, WI, I was shocked that I could not find this sort of iced coffee anywhere! When I first ordered an iced coffee in Madison, I think I was so surprised that I spit it out. I remember thinking, "What the hell?....this isn't iced coffee!"

Porkchop soon became embarrassed by me walking into coffee shops and demanding to know what sort of brewing method they used for iced coffee. I thought I had hit pay dirt when a progressive-appearing coffee shop opened in my neighborhood because the owner seemed really friendly and with-it. When I spoke to him about his brewing methods, he professed ignorance about the cold press method; although he promised to look into it, I don't think he ever did.

Imagine my delight when, visiting my sister in Atlanta in 2003, I came across San Francisco Coffee Roasting Company's (no website?) iced toddy. So awesome. There was a location near my hotel in the Virginia Highlands, so I went there everyday during my visit. I re-visited the place while hanging out with Porkchop at CAA in 2005.

Enough Coffee Talk
I plan to hit a different farmer's market this weekend. Perhaps venturing to Kirkwood or Clayton.

It's tomato-time, and I need to load up. Although I hate the heat, it makes for good tomatoes. Looking forward to grilled tomato and cheese sandwiches.

Porkchop has started documenting her kidney donation stuff here. We've talked about this possibility for so long, it doesn't seem real that it might actually happen. It makes me worried about lots of things. Not about the operation itself, that seems pretty cut and dry, but about events leading up to and after the procedure. Like getting power of attorney forms and taking care of my little Porkchop.

That makes me want to cry, so I have to stop writing about it.

Strangers with Candy is playing....maybe we'll go see it sometime soon.

I overslept by 20 minutes this morning because our power went out yesterday, and when I set our clock, I reversed the AM/PM thing. My alarm was set correctly, but not the current time.

Isn't it sad when you wake up thinking, "Wow, I feel too refreshed...I must have overslept!"

This week has been too long. Why can't today be Friday? You know, I used to not understand the whole "TGIF" hype, but then I started working in the 8-5, 5 days-a-week world.

Afternoon Update
I think it's that time of the month for food cravings. Here's what I'm currently obsessing about:

  • Sweet potatoes. In any form.

  • Macaroni and cheese. Exactly.

  • Cheddar peppers with ranch dressing. Apparently, I want to clog my arteries.

  • Roasted beets. Finally, something that's healthy. Except I want them served with a load of goat cheese.

Beet side-note: I once ate so many beets, I thought I had colon cancer. You see, I had a huge bunch to use up, so I was cranking out the beet-orange-carrot-ginger juice, roasting beets, etc. At the time, I was unaware of what happens when you consume so much beet matter. Now, I am very aware.


Porkchop said...

I'm sorry your day started out crappy. I did dishes and made the bed and cleaned the house some. Does that make you feel any better?

Carrie said...

I'm over it, but hearing about your chore-time makes me feel even better!

You're the best!

getinmymouthstuff said...

C: I remember you talking about this iced coffee process when you lived here, but I think I wrote it off as crazy talk. Now I'm deeply sorry. Here's a how-to that I'm trying today after being sick of the hot brewed coffee that tastes watered down and stale.