Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Boring Afternoon

Except I recently spoke to a very unpleasant person.

So unpleasant, I had to resort to snarkiness. When pushed, I can also assume a mean, "you must be stupid" tone.

The executive assistant even apologized that I had to speak to said person.

In a Hole
That's where I must've been living for the past year (oh, wait, I was in Iowa...) because I just now found this blog.

Love love LOVE it!

Definitely worthy of "best thing ever" status.

I'm even putting it in my little sidebar link section (which, you know, obviously means penultimate bestness).

Aforementioned blog has gotten me through the day. I've read back to the May 2006 archives.

No, I have nothing else to do here at work. Why do you ask?

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